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Shore Village Museum

Founded by retired Coast Guard Officer, Ken Black, the Maine Lighthouse Museum once held one of the largest collections of lighthouse materials found anywhere in the United States. Working foghorns, ship models, flashing lights, search and rescue gear, bell, buoys and boats were all part of this Museum. The contents of the Shore Village Museum were relocated to the Maine Lighthouse Museum in October 2004, when the Shore Village Museum was closed. Read More

All of the lighthouse materials and the exhibits of maritime and Civil War Memorabilia once comprising the collection housed at the Shore Village Museum were moved to the Maine Lighthouse Museum upon the closing of the Shore Village Museum in October, 2004.

The largest collection of lighthouse lenses and the largest collection of lighthouse artifacts and Coast Guard memorabilia in the United States has now become a part of the Maine Lighthouse Museum. This makes the Maine Lighthouse Museum a definite destination for anyone who is awed by lighthouses and American maritime history.

Located in Rockland, Maine, the Museum is easy to find and family friendly.

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