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Chapman Hall House

The State of Maine is full of remnants of history. One of the earliest areas of the United States to be colonized, the area is filled with older homes, forts and museums. One of the oldest homes still standing in the State of Maine is the Chapman-Hall House. Built in 1754, the Chapman-Hall House is located in the town of Damariscotta. Read More

It is fascinating to step through a door and find yourself in the world of the mid 1700's. It is also amazing to realize that the structure that you are standing in and many of the furnishing therein, are over 250 years old. A tour through the Chapman-Hall House in Damariscotta allows the visitor to transcend time and to feel like a member of a household of days gone by.

The family who first inhabited this house would have been subjects of the King of England. This structure was build nearly twenty-five years before the Revolutionary War. The house has remained standing through the Civil War and both World Wars.

The furnishings of the home and the various items contained within the home are all reminiscent of the 1700's. This is a place not to miss as you tour the Midcoast Region of Maine.

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