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Muscongus Bay

Muscongus Bay is one of those rare finds – a body of ocean water that is well protected and not really on the way to anywhere else. For these two reasons, Muscongus Bay is a haven for sea kayakers and those who just enjoy scenic views of the Bay with the lobster boats bobbing in the waters. Put this attraction on your itinerary for your trip to the Midcoast Region of Maine. Read More

The attraction of sea kayakers to Muscongus Bay is that the Bay is not used by many watercraft other than occasional lobster boats. The water in the Bay appears to have an unusual shade of blue, which also distinguishes it from other bays along the coast of Maine.

Near the middle of the Bay is a tiny 2-acre island, Crow Island. You can recognize this island by the lone tall spruce tree, which grows higher than all the rest. Other islands in the Bay include Louds, Thief, Wreck and Harbor. These islands –large and small – step across Muscongus Bay in a northeast to southwest direction. They are the remnants of glaciers, which once existed in the area. The area is expansive – but at all spots, the mainland is close by.

Muscongus Bay is the place to be is you enjoy sea kayaking and wide vistas of ocean water.