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Owls Head Transportation Museum

The Owls Head Transportation Museum can be found in the small town of Owls Head Maine, just a few miles outside the town of Rockland. This is the place where antique aircraft, automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles - many dating from the early 1800's are on display. Events are sponsored year round at the Museum and in the spring, summer and autumn there are aviation shows and various demonstrations. Read More

First man walked upright and then he wanted to get around with a little less effort. Not only did man want to travel on the land, but he also thought that it would be great to fly like a bird. At the Owls Head Transportation Museum near Rockland, Maine, you can explore all the innovations that have brought humanity to today's transportation ideas and devices.

The Owls Head Transportation Museum has a unique collection of antique automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles and bicycles dating from the early 1800's to 1980. The Red Baron is more than a villain fought by Snoopy in the Peanuts cartoon strip. At the museum, you can actually see a 1917 Fokker Dr. I Tri-plane – the same type of plan that was flown by Manfred Von Richthofen, the Red Baron of World War I fame. Also on display is a full-scale replica of the plane that the Wright brothers flew in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Did you ever wonder who came up with the idea of a mini-van? That would be inventor and aviator William B. Stout, who invented the first mini van, a Stout Scarab in 1936. The two-wheel section includes the famous 1938 Indian Scout motorcycle and a 1985 Star high wheeler bicycle.

From two wheels to four wheels to no wheels at all, the Owls Head Transportation Museum is a great museum to experience and explore.

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