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North Haven Island

North Haven Island is a year round home to nearly 400 people. However, in the summer, the population swells into the thousands with the arrival of visitors and vacation homeowners. Located approximately twelve miles off shore, the island is accessible by daily ferry service from Rockland, Maine. Read More

Just north of Vinalhaven Island, rests North Haven Island. The island is a popular destination, but it lacks the typical tourist attractions. There is only one inn, one grocery store and two gift shops. North Haven is best known for its sizable summer community of prominent Northeasterners, mostly from Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, who have been coming to the island for nearly a century for its simple way of life. The amenities that do exist on the island are geared more to the year round residents and those who make the island their home during the summer.

Although it is an island community, North Haven relies less on lobster fishing and more on tourism as a stable of its economy. The roads on the island run inland, rather than traveling along the coastline. You can find summer rentals here, but camping on the island is by permission only.

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