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Stanwood Homestead Museum

Visiting the Stanwood Homestead Museum in Ellsworth, Maine is like going back in time. The house today is preserved as if it is still inhabited by Cordelia Stanwood. This remarkable homestead is a unique experience, stepping back in time as you view each room. Just like the early days of the Homestead shortly after it was built in 1850, visitors today begin their visit in the plush front parlor, warmed by the parlor stove. In addition to the wonderful, well-preserved architecture, the Stanwood Homestead Museum still contains the furnishings of that period. Read More

The Stanwood Homestead Museum is open daily, 10 am to 4 pm, free of charge, during the summer months until the end of September. The Museum is also open by appointment dependent on the availability of volunteers. The Museum stands as a testament and memorial to the remarkable life of Cordelia J. Stanwood. Cordelia was a romantic, mysterious and inspirational woman.

Cordie was raised as a Victorian lady. She had a prestigious family heritage going back nine centuries, and was the daughter of a daring, young Sea Captain and a prosperous merchant's daughter from Cape Breton. Cordie defined her own role in life by not marrying and by dedicating the last fifty years of her 93-year life to the woodlands of her childhood. In the process, Cordie established herself as a highly respected Ornithologist and Wildlife Photographer

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