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Quoddy Head State Park

A fascinating and fun place to visit while in Downeast Maine is Quoddy Head State Park. Located just four miles off Maine Route 189 in Lubec, this Park is the easternmost land in the United States. The Park was established in 1962, when the State of Maine purchased 532 acres of land. Quoddy Head State Park includes 4.5 miles of hiking trails, two bogs, and lush forests. The red-and white striped lighthouse tower of West Quoddy Head Light is also a favorite attraction.

Quoddy Head State Park is noted for its diverse landscape, awe-inspiring views, great picnic areas and the opportunities found there for hiking and/or whale watching.

The most prominent attraction is the West Quoddy Head Light. Built in 1808, this lighthouse remains the easternmost lighthouse in the United States. In 1858, the original lighthouse was replaced with the distinctive red-and-white tower that now stands here. Originally the lighthouse used a fog bell and then, later a foghorn to warn ships of their closeness to the rocky shore. The beacon from West Quoddy Head Light still shines today. Although the tower is closed to the public, the lighthouse grounds and the Visitor Center and Museum welcome visitors.

The Park also has five hiking trails for a total of 4.5 miles of trails. Each trail gives access to a different feature of Quoddy Head State Park. Some of the trails are more difficult than others, so be sure to walk carefully while exploring the region.

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