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Long Island

Long Island, Maine is located in Casco Bay just off the coast of Maine near the town of Portland. Due to discontent by the residents of Long Island caused by the high property taxes precipitated by high real estate prices being paid by out of state residents, the island of Long Island seceded from the City of Portland on July 1, 1993 and became its own entity – the Town of Long Island. Read More

Long Island was originally inhabited by Native Americans during the summer months. The first white settlers came to the island in the 1600's. The first house on the island was built by Col Ezekiel Cushing on or around 1732. When he died in 1765, he left the island to his nine surviving children. The descendents of these nine children and other settlers made a living on Long Island by farming, fishing and lobster fishing.

After the end of World War II, tourism became an important industry. This led to the construction of several small stores, and a fire station. In 1953, a K-5 school was constructed.

Long Island remains a popular summer destination for thousands of summer cottage homeowners, visitors, and tourists. This charming island is located just 45 minutes from Portland by ferry. On Long Island, you will find several interesting ocean beaches, a conservation area and unusually rocks located on the each side of the island.

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