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Cole Land Transportation Museum

The Cole Land Transportation Museum is located in Bangor, Maine and is a tribute to the Maine pioneers and the machines they created. The museum aims to collect, preserve and display the transportation methods used in Maine's past to spread knowledge and appreciation. The museum also displays US military memorabilia.

The Cole Land Transportation Museum works in an effort to promote hard work and dedication to its visitors by showing the endless effort of Maine's pioneers to create the roads and railways that allowed the state to expand beyond its seacoast. By the 1930's, these brave and dedicated workers were able to keep Maine's roads open all year round with primitive tools. The museum displays all kinds of transportation you can imagine. The collection includes farm equipment, automobiles, carriages, bicycles, sleds, fire trucks, horse drawn equipment, motorcycles, railroads, snowmobiles, snowplows, military vehicles, Cole vehicles, recreation vehicles and trucks.

The museum is equipped with a conference room that fits 80-100 and is perfect for business meetings, group functions and lunch or dinner meetings. There is an available kitchen space, large screen TV, VCR, PA system, tables and chairs. The Cole Land Transportation Museum aims to be a source of inspiration and education by showing what man is capable of achieving.

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