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St. Croix Island

St. Croix Island is believed to be the site of the first attempted settlement in North America on 1604. Although this settlement did not become a permanent colony in the new world, it did lead to the other colonies including Acadie and New France. On June 8, 1949, the United States National Park service declared the island a National Monument and on September 25, 1984, they included it as an International Historic Site. Early American history buffs should not miss a visit to the interpretive centers of St. Croix Island. Read More

St. Croix is located in the middle of the Saint Croix River near St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. This very tiny island – only 6.5 acres in total size is located about 4 miles upstream from the mouth of the Saint Croix River on Passamaquoddy Bay. If you are visiting with a local, they may refer to the island as Dochet Island.

The island has a place in history as the very first attempt by the French to establish a colony in the new world. There is no public access to the island, but there is an extensive Visitor Center on the U.S. mainland and an unstaffed display on the Canadian mainland.

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