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Parson Fisher House

The Parson Fisher House is located in Blue Hill, Maine. Parson Jonathan Fisher was a prominent figure in the history of Blue Hill in the later portion of the 18th century. In addition to serving as a minister, Parson Fisher designed and built this home and built many of the items currently displayed inside this historic building. Read More

Primarily Jonathan Fisher was the parson of the Congregational Church in Blue Hill, Maine – a position he took in 1796. However, the man had many talents. He designed and built his own home by the winter of 1797 with the help of several of his parishioners. The Parson built his second home in 1814 and once more, he designed the structure and used his skills as both designer and builder. This is the structure that stands today as a memorial to an extraordinary man.

When Parson Fisher first arrived in Blue Hill, Maine, he possessed a Master of Arts degree and brought with him his experiences in the fine arts and languages. He maintained his love of languages and pursued his love of art by painting landscapes that are recognized even today as some of the finest of the area.

Although he spent much of his time engaged as the country parson, Jonathan Fisher was also a scientist, mathematician, surveyor, farmer, painter, and wrote poetry. He bound his own books of poetry and personal writings, made hats and buttons, was a reporter for the local newspaper, and designed and built furniture. He also collaborated with others in the area to found Bangor Theological Seminary.

The residents of Blue Hill, Maine still respect and honor this man who contributed so much to the cultural history of their community.

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