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Grand Manan Island

Settled in the later part of the 18th Century by Loyalists after the American Revolution, Grand Manan Island was claimed by the United States until 1817, when it was traded to the British for other islands in Passamaquoddy Bay. Grand Manan Island is now an island belonging to Canadian province of New Brunswick. The Island has become a popular summer resort area.

The primary communities on Grand Manan Island are Grand Harbour, North Head, Seal Cove, and Woodwards Cove. Although fishing is still part of the economy of the Island, Grand Manan has become a popular tourist vacation destination.

Most visitors to Gran Manan Island arrive at the harbor at North Head, even though the services here are very limited. The Island is approximately sixteen miles in length and has a total area of nearly fifty-three square miles. In those 53 square miles, you can immerse yourself in nature. Grand Manan Island is known for its old world charm and the courtesy of the inhabitants.

The Island also has rare geography including long sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, fresh water lakes, miles and miles of lush vegetation and vast meadows of wildflowers. On Grand Manan Island, you can get good food and great accommodations. The only access to the Island is by sea.

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