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Yarmouth, Maine is located 11 miles northeast of Portland and offers some of the most enjoyable and beautiful city parks and recreation areas in southeast Maine. Its "village," what is known as its main downtown area, is full of old Victorian style homes, a handful of small boutiques, and a selection of great restaurants and accommodations. If you are visiting Yarmouth in July, don't miss out on the ever-eventful Yarmouth Clam Festival, a 40 year old event of clambaking, parading, and entertainment. Read More

The welcoming community of Yarmouth today has roots back to 1636, when the area was first settled. But it took a couple tries to designate the area as a township, finally settled in 1713. The farmers and seamen of the 1700s respected the land they called home, making for a number of pathways, preserves, and parks that exist today. Vacations to Yarmouth would not be complete without a visit to its many natural areas.

The Royal River Park runs alongside the town's Royal River, offering a scenic environment for tourism in Yarmouth's downtown area. Travel along walkways to picnic areas and to an outdoor concert pavilion. Royal River Park is connected to Portland Street by the Beth Condon Memorial Pathway, offering bicyclists and pedestrians a scenic route to and from the town's commerce center. Take a stroll along one of the many trails through Pratt's Brook Park. The park is open to cross-country skiing in the winter months. Last but not least, the Bayview Estuary Preserve, protects the local wetlands and foothills. Include Yarmouth, the nature capital of Maine, in your travel plans.