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Freeport Maine

Founded in 1789, Freeport, Maine is a coastal town full of history and entertainment. Historical sites like the Jameson Tavern, Harrington House, the Pettengill House, and Gore House are now intermingled with many tourist attractions. Although considered one of Maine's shopping hubs, Freeport is also home to a number of fun attractions for all types of vacations. Read More

L.L.Bean marks the center of Freeport's shopping district, which is full of local boutiques as well as big name clothing brand stores. Most of these smaller stores are actually located within historic victorian style homes or buildings. The shopping village also hosts many summer activities like concert series, talks, and street vendors and performers.

Outdoor tourism is also booming in Freeport. Go on a nature walk in the Desert of Maine or the Mast Landing Sanctuary. Or set up a picnic in Winslow or Wolfe's Neck Woods Parks. Just minutes from the calm sea, you can rent a kayak or sailboat for the day. And once you've had enough of the nature world, come on back to the town's center for a fine dining experience, a theatrical performance, or a tour through a local museum.

Freeport, Maine has something for everyone. Travel to Freeport and experience all the shopping, nature, and entertainment that you can handle.