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Saco, Maine welcomes visitors to take part in its vast expanse of open beaches, its lively and historic downtown, and its exciting ocean harbors. Take a swim at Hills Beach. Birdwatch at Lily Pond, near Fortunes Rocks Beach. Walk across Porter Bridge and try to imagine the first city dwellers crossing it in 1876. Take a gander at Wood Island Light, one of Maine's many offshore lighthouses. And don't miss out on the beautiful East Point Sanctuary or Ferry Beach State Park. Saco, Maine has a large tourism industry for obvious reasons. Read More

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Saco, Maine may have claim to one of the most historically driven towns in the state. Native Americans visited the area long ago for fishing opportunities along Saco River. Europeans began visiting the area in the 17th century, and began to call Saco home in 1631. Settlement faced many challenges however, including many fights with Native Americans and the French. But William Pepperrell brought light to the new community of Saco when he started a lumber company in 1716 on about 9500 acres of land. The town was originally named after this young entreprenuer, as Pepperrellborough. And as the lumber business grew, so did farming and ship construction, making Saco a town reknowned in international trade. As the century turned yet again, a nail factory, cotton mills, iron foundries, and cigar makers lured more and more industrialists to travel to the no longer quaint town. Saco was finally incorporated as a town in 1867. Plan your vacations to include a visit to Saco, Maine and take a stroll through time.