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Wells, Maine has had a booming tourism industry since the 1840s. Known for its vast expanse of white sand and wide beaches, its many nature preserves, as well as its history and antiques, it is no wonder why vacationers have been visiting Wells for so many years. Read More

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Wells was named after a cathedral located in Somerset, England and is located in Maine's southern coastal area near Kennebunk. Its beautiful beaches and natural marsh land welcome beachgoers and nature lovers alike. Wells was one of the first places to experience acts of environmentalism, with penalties given to ranchers who allowed their cattle to graze on the dunes and eat marsh plants.

Despite the lack of roadways and railroads, residents built homes in Wells as early as the 1600s. Once railroads were established into Maine in 1842, the town saw many more employment opportunities as well as a growth in popularity among visitors. Wealthier groups would travel to the coast for the summer months and then head back home for the remainder of the year. Today Wells has a permanent population of 10,000.

You can visit Wells, Maine anytime of year. Its museums, historic sites, antique shops, and many boutiques keep many occupied indoors. Summer vacations take visitors to the seven miles of beachfront that borders Wells. Also enjoy outdoor picnic area and concert venue known as Harbor Park. You can't go wrong with Wells' seasonal trolley, historical culture, and its numerous nature adventures.