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Cape Elizabeth, Maine encircles beautiful Casco Bay by inching out into open sea for 12 miles. The cape has both rocky shores, acting as a buffer against waves, and soft sand beaches, which lure many a visitor. With a population just under 10,000, the town has strategically placed most of its structures right along the water front. Cape Elizabeth is an easy drive from Portland, sitting just 5 miles to its southeast and makes for a great destination to spend many vacations. Read More

Although mapped much earlier in history, Cape Elizabeth was not named after the Princess Elizabeth, daughter of King James I and sister of Charles I, until 1604. Cape Elizabeth was originally considered within Portland's city limits. In 1765 residents of the Cape acquired their own government and later split into yet a smaller community. The original community that inhabited the area made a living on fishing, farming, and trading. Today, although some still work the land, many residents of Cape Elizabeth commute to Portland or work in the tourism industry in town.

Cape Elizabeth has a few claims to fame like being the hometown of the famous John Ford, movie director, and Joan Samuelson, first woman to win an Olympic Marathon. Off its shoreline you will also spot the famous Portland Head Light which is the most popular lighthouse among photographers in the world. Home to some of the largest parks and open spaces in the county, make some time to travel through and enjoy Cape Elizabeth.