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Kennebunk, Maine is just one of the Kennebunks. The other, Kennebunkport, is just next door and very much the same. Both touch river and ocean and are home to a culture of art, history, beach life, and a large expanse of harbor and waterfront business. Boasting a high class community, many artists and entrepreneurs call this luxurious place home. Read More

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Known for its historical buildings, some dating back to the 1600s, Kennebunk could acquire the nickname as Maine's culture center. Art galleries, museums, play houses, theaters, eclectic restaurants, and many unique boutiques line the streets of Kennebunk and have helped build the tourism industry in the area. Come see works from the Northeast's best potters, painters, jewelers, wood craftsmen, glass blowers, boat builders, dancers, musicians, and actors. There is never a dull moment in Kennebunk, just look for a local events calendar.

And when you are all cultured out, head straight to the beach. Kennebunk Beach consists of three adjoining beaches. There is a paved trail that lines the beach for walking, biking, or rollerblading. Parts of the beach are more protected than others. For those seeking the best surf head to Gooch's Beach. Middle beach is a bit rocky but a perfect spot for strolling or just gazing out to sea. Mother's beach is by far the best family beach, with mellow waves and lots of soft white sand. Plan your vacations wisely and travel to Kennebunk, Maine any time of year.