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Scarborough, Maine offers its visitors a beautiful sandy and rocky coastline. Winslow Homer, a local artist, helped attract travel to the town through his masterpiece paintings. The town is also home to Maine's largest saltwater marsh. Come enjoy this southeastern town's interesting history and remarkable landscape. Read More

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Scarborough was actually incorporated as a town twice. The first time in 1658 and the second in 1702. After the first settlement, the 100 households of the new town faced much conflict with local Native Americans. The new settlers thus abandoned their homes and fled to nearby towns for protection. After rebuilding numerous structures and a new fort, the new inhabitants returned. Today Scarborough is broken up into three villages including the cottages of Higgins Beach, the sandy beaches of Pine Point, and the rocky coast of Prouts Neck. The well known works of Winslow Homer and the historic hotel, Black Point Inn, can be visited at Prouts Neck.

Tourism is Scarborough, Maine has grown over the years as more vacations have brought visitors to the great Scarborough Marsh and the town's beautiful coastline. The Scarborough Marsh covers about 3,100 acres of tidal flats and is home to hundreds of species of wildlife. You can start out at the marsh's Audubon Center for suggestions on hikes or canoe adventures. And be sure to schedule a few days to stroll the many beaches of Scarborough, Maine.