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Laudholm Farm

The Laudholm Farm of Wells, Maine is home to the 1600 acre Wells Reserve. Through research, education, and stewardship, the reserve strives to investigate, understand, and protect the ecosystems of coastal environments. The reserve welcomes visitors to browse through the Laudholm Farm Visitor Center as well as explore seven miles of trail that wind through the local forest, wetlands, dunes and beach. Read More

The ecology of this reserve stems from the joining of the Webhannet and Little Rivers and the Gulf of Maine. As ocean water mixes with these rivers, estuaries are formed. A majority of the reserve encompasses these salt marshes. Maritime forest, brush and grassland form about 200 acres of the reserve and are home to a wide diversity of flora and fauna.

Photographers, birdwatchers, hikers, cross-country skiers, and nature lovers alike will enjoy the incredible views, trails, and wide range of flora and fauna. Trails are open from 7am to sunset every day. The Visitor Center has a plethora of books, videos, maps and gifts. It is open seven days a week in the summer and Monday through Friday in witner months. It is closed December 15th through January 16th.