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Ferry Beach State Park

Ferry Beach State Park is a diverse natural area where visitors can enjoy the relaxation of a beach environment, a nature tour along a shaded trail, and learn a bit about how an ecosystem sustains itself. The state park is located in Saco, between Old Orchard Beach and Camp Ellis. The park was named after a old ferry that used to shuttle travelers across Saco River. The park is equipped with picnic areas, many walking trails, nature programs, and a bathhouse. Visitors enjoy hiking, swimming, and exploring this natural environment. Ferry Beach State Park is open to visitors from Memorial Day through September. Read More

There is so much more to Ferry Beach State Park than its beautiful miles of white sand beaches. Venture back behind the beach into fragile sand dunes, a protected swamp, and many forested trails. The dunes are protected from erosion by a unique dune grass, whose roots reach deep into the sand. Be careful, these grasses are easily destroyed by foot travel. These dunes protect the inland forest from ocean waves. They also protect nesting sights for bird species. The Tupelo swamp sits behind these dunes as well and is home to the very rare Black Tupelo Tree, also known as a black gum tree. Take note of the Tupelo, which has gray bark with deep fissures. Explore further past the swamp into pine, oak, and hemlock forests. Trails through this wooded area are color coded and offer a variety of difficulty and terrain. Come see all that Ferry Beach State Park has to offer in southeastern Maine.