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Desert of Maine

The Desert of Maine is a unique natural phenomenon that should not be missed. It is open during summer months only and offers a number of narrated tours, a museum, a nature trail system that link informational signs, a gift shop full of crafts made from sand, and a local campgroung and picnic area. Read More

Based on geological research, it is assumed that about 11,000 years ago, a glacier worked its way through this area of what is now Maine. As it moved and melted, it deposited sediments like sand a minerals that you can see today at the Desert of Maine.

But the Desert of Maine was not always exposed as it is today. The Tuttle family shares their story in the Farm Museum, the only structure that still stands from the original farm. This family moved to the area in 1797 and grew potatoes and hay, which they were able to sell successfully to others in the region. Over the years more land was cleared and grazed upon. This in turn eroded the soil and eventually exposed the desert. The Tuttle's could no longer grow crops on this newly discovered desert and therefore left the desert to seek land elsewhere.

The Desert of Maine is also a fantastic spot for viewing unique species of flora. Surrounded by forest, the trails and tours of the desert pass through very different ecosystems. Come enjoy this natural wonder while visiting Maine. It is located north of Portland on I-295.