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Winter Harbor Maine

Winter Harbor Maine is a classic lobster village, which continues to maintain an active lobster fleet. The small village also has a few retail and commercial establishments. Just a few miles south of the village, is a now defunct US Naval installation. Of interest to travelers in the area is the historic sailboat fleet known as the Winter Harbor's 21. These sailboats were built and launched in 1908 and are thought to be the oldest one-design sailboat fleet in the United States. For the realistic feel of a New England village, visit Winter Harbor.

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With a population of less than 1,000, Winter Harbor, Maine is a delightful place to vacation to truly experience the feel of a classic lobster village. The primary activity in the area other than lobster fishing is sailing.

However, close by are Acadia National Park and the ski resorts of Sugarloaf Mountain and Sunday River. This area is prime for mixing the refreshing sea breeze with the changing climates on the main land. Come to Winter Harbor and enjoy all the ambience of an authentic New England village.