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The Blue Hill peninsula and the surrounding area is rich with the history of New England, unique antique and craft shops, fantastic restaurants, great lodging choices, art galleries and other types of cultural life. The charm of the village combined with its setting on a peninsula makes Blue Hill a charming and attractive place to visit or live. Read More

Blue Hill began as a small township in 1762 as a settlement for veterans of the last war with the French. The first homes in the area were built by Joseph Wood and John Roundy on Mill Island in the area of Blue Hills Falls. First known as North Andover, then as New Port, the town became Blue Hill in 1789.

With its location on a peninsula, exploring the areas of Blue Hill from the ocean water is an enjoyable adventure. In this area, the Atlantic Ocean is fairly flat, but may get a little choppy in the afternoon. There are large classic boats available in the Blue Hill Harbor, but you can also bring your own kayak or canoe – or rent one locally.

Cultural attractions in the area include a historic concert hall, and a parsonage, which was built in 1814 and is representative of early family life in colonial America. You can also enjoy outdoor activities, which include hiking through the beautiful nature preserve located on the peninsula. The area boasts of a multitude of antique shops. If you travel to the area, be sure to take the time to travel across the harbor and visit Acadia National Park, which is a treat not to be missed.