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There are several communities, which comprise the area known as Eastport, Maine. All of these communities have a unique character and are built around the values of preserving their natural beauty and heritage. For a fantastic and memorable vacation, plan on making an excursion through these communities as a part of your travel to Maine. Read More

Eastport, Maine is where the traveler will find Down East Maine at its best. Various communities stretch along US Route 1 and Route 214 from Edmunds, Dennysville, Charlotte, Pembroke, Perry, and Robbinston, to the picturesque drive on Route 190 through the Passamaquoddy Tribe's Pleasant Point Indian Reservation to the Moose Island City of Eastport.

Each of these small villages is rich in history as nearly all of them started with the establishment of settlements as early as 1763. In addition to historical architecture, the area has miles and miles of cobble beaches, rivers, streams, inland lakes and beautiful landscape not seen in other parts of the nation. Some of the more beautiful sights can be seen, by taking a hike or a drive off the beaten path.

The city of Eastport and the surrounding area, collectively known as Eastport is within easy driving distance to other often visited sites in Maine including Ellsworth, Bar Harbor and Acadia National park. Traveling to or from any of these, area provides you with a scenic drive through the splendor of nature's beauty and peacefulness of the area.

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City of Eastport

Eastport, the United State's easternmost city, consists of a handful of islands, the largest of which is Moose Island.