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Calais, Maine is the home to over 3,000 full time residents, but supplies services to a regional population of over 15,000. The city is located in eastern Washington Country very close to the Canadian border and on the picturesque St. Croix River. The area is home to a great number of historic buildings and natural beauty.

Calais, Maine is a great place to plan your next vacation. The small community is located at the eighth busiest U.S. – Canadian Border crossing and boasts of being the largest city in Washington County.

There are many tourist possibilities provided by the St. Croix River, the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge and the surrounding wilderness. There are many opportunities for outdoor recreation, ability to travel to seldom-visited nature preserves and view historic building rarities.

The area is full of rich cultural and natural resources. First visited in 1604 by French explorers, Calais has become known as the equivalent of Plymouth Rock to those of French descent.

Part of the attraction of the area is the East Coast Greenway, which travels along the St. Croix River where the traveler can view abundant wildlife and enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Calais offers a wide variety of things to do and see for vacationer.

Other Calais Maine Resources

Calais Free Library

The Calais Free Library serves the community of Calais, Maine and provides wireless internet access and an online collections catalog.