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If staying on the main land suits your needs, no better Town can be found then Trenton, Maine. Trenton is truly the gateway to Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park. Read More

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  • Trenton is the gateway to Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park.
  • An affordable alternative for lodging and dining while visiting Acadia National Park.
  • Stop for a picnic or for information at the visitor center on Thompson Island, halfway along the bridge from Trenton to Mount Desert Island.


Trenton's view of Frenchman's Bay is astounding, especially when the sun rises and life is renewed along the Maine coast.

Many years ago travelers to Acadia National Park would depart the railway that once existed, take up lodging, dine, and then take the ferry onto Mount Desert Island at leisure.

Much has changed in the hundred plus years since he bridge to the island was built, affording motor vehicles free access to and from the island.

Trenton however, still provides a relaxing and affordable place of rest while maintaining access to all the sights, shops and amenities of Acadia.


Located at the entrance to Mount Desert Island, Trenton is 30 minutes from Bar Harbor, Northeast Harbor, and Southwest Harbor. Trenton with its different types of lodging accommodations, dining, provides the ease of access to all in the Mount Desert Island area.


The Town of Trenton offers lodging choices in motels, Bed and Breakfast's, inns, or a campground depending upon your requirements.

While lobster is widely available, Trenton has a variety of restaurants and cuisines.

In the community are service stations, a full service boat yard, an airport, anchorage, and the seasonal free Island Explorer Bus Service to and from all the hot spots in the area.


The Town of Trenton is a unique community that is the central transportation hub of Mount Desert Island. Those that walk, fly, bike, bus, drive, or boat can access Mount Desert Island through Trenton Maine. The free seasonal Island Explorer Bus Service provides access to everything on Mount Desert Island beginning at Trenton.

Scenic Flights
At the airport those who wish to sight see from the air may do so through various plane sight seeing services offered.

If a bicycle is your mode of transport the Island Explorer bus will deliver you and your bike to wherever you wish to start your trek, or you can bike starting in Trenton and catch the bus on your return with the use of the Bus bike racks.

Boat Services
Trenton offers anchorage and a full service boat yard adjacent to the airport. If you boat in, drop anchor, stop over, or drop your kayak in for a trip along the island's coastline Trenton is a terrific place to be.

Trenton's local shops provide a wide selection of affordable quality merchandise.

If a picnic is on your agenda, midway across the bridge to Mount Desert Island is  the small forested Thompson Island on one side with its ocean side offering a picnic area and grills. Do not be surprised if you see seals playing, sea birds frolicking, or a bald eagle soar down to see what's for lunch. On the other side of Thompson Island is the seasonal Acadia National Parks Information Center. This center has much information and the personnel has great knowledge of the Mount Desert Island areas, events, and happenings.

Getting Here

If traveling from the south, follow I-95 to Bangor. Follow I-395 to 1A until Ellsworth, where state routes 1 and 3 will eventually lead to Bar Harbor.

Visitors who are taking scenic Coastal Maine's Route 1 will travel through many communities offering small novelty shops, factory outlets, and dining. Eventually arriving on Main Street in Ellsworth, which is lined with many more shops, and restaurants offering visitors the chance to find special gifts, and souvenirs. From there visitors can take High Street, which ME-3 and US- 1A merge together, leading into Trenton, Maine directly before the bridge to Mount Desert Island.