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Hulls Cove Maine

A couple of bends and a straight piece of road from Bar Harbor is the village of Hulls Cove, Maine. With its stone beach, views from the cove of Frenchman's Bay, and also the Porcupine Islands enchant Hulls Cove as the peaceful village next door. Read More

  • Hulls Cove is located at the entrance to Acadia National Park.
  • Stop by the Visitor Center for more information on park activities and trails, or to catch the Free Island Explorer Bus.
  • Hulls Cove has a variety of lodging options.


Monsieur Bartolemy and Madame Maria Theresa de Gregoire were granted the Eastern half of Mount Desert Island by the General Court of Massachusetts in 1787. Madame was the Granddaughter of Siuer de la Mothe Cadillac, whose name distinguishes Cadillac Mountain. The Monsieur and Madame chose to reside in Hulls Cove. During the De Gregoire's stay, Mount Desert Island was still frequented by Native Americans and the resources were desired by Europe. Along this side of Mount Desert Island boatyards sprang up and ships from Europe transported the islands resources such as timber to locations around the world.

These days, those who decide to stay over in Hulls Cove may hear bagpipes on a summer eve, and see a figure dressed in Scotsman attire standing on a bluff overlooking the cove playing the pipes.


Located at the entrance of Acadia National Park and in close proximity to Bar Harbor, Hulls Cove is five minutes from Bar Harbor, thirty-five from Northeast Harbor, and forty-five from Southwest Harbor.


  • The village boasts multiple types of lodging, and many places to enjoy a good meal in a relaxed dining atmosphere.
  • Hulls Cove offers many choices of lodging, such as Bed and Breakfast's, inns, cabins, and motels. Campgrounds are also available nearby.
  • Hulls Cove is the place to relax by strolling along the shore.

Entrance to Acadia National Park

Park Entrance
The Village of Hulls Cove is the formal entrance into Acadia National Park, located up the hill on ME-3 upon exiting the village.

Visitor Center
Upon entering the park, and stopping at a four way intersection, turn right and park to enjoy a short walk up to Acadia National Parks Visitor Center. This center is open seasonally. At the Visitor Center you will find a large topographic model of Mount Desert Island depicting its mountains, water bodies, villages, and some trails. The park personnel stationed here are knowledgeable on Acadia National Park, and can answer any questions you may have. A short movie and displays of wildlife are presented from time to time at the Visitor Center.

Hiking and Biking
From this Visitor center one can hike or bike into the carriage paths of Acadia.

Bus Tour
The free Island Explorer Bus, which operates seasonally, can also be taken to other desired locations throughout Mount Desert Island.

Getting Here

If traveling from the south, follow I-95 to Bangor. Follow I-395 to 1A until Ellsworth, where state routes 1 and 3 will eventually lead to Bar Harbor.

Visitors who are taking scenic Coastal Maine's Route 1 will travel through many communities offering small novelty shops, factory outlets, and dining. Eventually arriving on Main Street in Ellsworth, which is lined with many more shops, and restaurants offering visitors the chance to find special gifts, and souvenirs. From there visitors can take High Street, which ME-3 and US- 1A merge together, leading to Bar Harbor. Bear left after crossing the bridge at the head of the island and ME-3 leads directly into Hulls Cove, Maine.