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Southwest Harbor Maine

Located on the West side of Mount Desert Island is the town of Southwest Harbor. Home to sea captains and seafarers, Southwest Harbor was, historically, the business center and primary gathering place on the western side of the island. It remains so today.

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  • Southwest Harbor is 25 minutes from Bar Harbor and 10 Minutes from Somesville.
  • Bike, drive, or hike Seal Cove Road to discover hidden treasures in Acadia National Park.
  • Downtown has lodging, dining, and shopping opportunities.


Located on Mount Desert Island, Southwest Harbor is 25 minutes from Bar Harbor and 10 Minutes from Somesville. Southwest Harbor’s location allows for accommodations, dining and accessibility to the less traveled, or “quiet side” of the island. The Town of Southwest Harbor is located on the Southwestern shores at the mouth of the natural fjard (different than a fjord) Somes Sound. The community today boasts a laid back easy going atmosphere that still conjures visions of children playing and old time mariners ambling up the street to and fro their home. Some in Southwest Harbor maintain the rich heritage of making a living from the ocean as the generations before them.


Southwest Harbor has several lodging facilities throughout the town.

In various locations are dining establishments ranging from relaxed to semi-formal dependent upon the time of day.

Complimenting Southwest Harbor is its vast array of shops that provide a wide selection of items. Shops providing products from those things required in daily living alongside those offering life’s finer necessities that create memories of a pleasant journey.

Southwest Harbor has a museum, and multiple galleries.

Located centrally in town are the United States Post Office and the Public Library.

Located in, or around Southwest Harbor are several boat yards that offer an array of repair, and outfitting capabilities, from standard to custom.

Also present in this community is the United States Coast Guard Station, and a choice of ferrying services to the surrounding islands.


The Town of Southwest Harbor provides access to lodging, dining, and numerous dining establishments. Those visiting are sure to feel the closeness of this community. The town’s proximity allows access to the serenity of Acadia National Parks less explored areas.

Within town is a side street known as the Seal Cove Road. This street turns into a maintained dirt road that is open dependent upon the season. Surrounding this stretch of approximately six miles is the beauty of Acadia National Park. At points along the road are pull offs so those in vehicles can park and hike the trails of Western, Mount Desert Island. Those bicycling can access this area the same way, park, and enjoy the “quiet side”.

If shopping is what you wish, located in Southwest Harbor are many stores that will create lasting memories of your visit.

The culture of Southwest Harbor is preserved well in its museum and galleries. As years have passed still has not the simple life in Southwest Harbor where living life to its fullest serves purpose, and relaxation serves living life.

Getting here

If traveling from the south, follow I-95 to Bangor. Follow I-395 to 1A until Ellsworth, where state routes 1 and 3 will eventually lead to Bar Harbor.

Visitors who are taking scenic Coastal Maine’s Route 1 will travel through many communities offering small novelty shops, factory outlets, and dining. Eventually arriving on Main Street in Ellsworth, which is lined with many more shops, and restaurants offering visitors the chance to find special gifts, and souvenirs. From there visitors can take High Street, which ME-3 and US- 1A merge together, to the head Mount Desert Island, and to ME-102, and ME-198 on into Somesville. Continue following Maine Route 102 on into Southwest Harbor.