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Bar Harbor Music Festival

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June 30, 2019 - July 29, 2019

Maine’s Bar Harbor Music Festival is all about variety.  Music is not just limited to jazz or opera, but extends the full gamut of musical entertainment.  Even the hosting venues offer a new twist to the musical extravaganza, ranging from churches to fine hotels.

  • Events and concerts take place all over Bar Harbor.
  • The festival runs throughout the month of July each year. 
  • Most outdoor concerts are completely free.

Overview: Music, music everywhere and nowhere is silent as the food of the soul comes to life in Bar Harbor, Maine.  The town’s music festival unlocks the doors of music of all genres.  Young and old can dine on musical talents that rock, sway and inspire the imagination. With forty years of musical entertainment under its belt, the festival continues to draw in thousands of visitors annually, entertaining young and old alike.

Where: Events and concerts take place all over Bar Harbor including the Acadia National Park amphitheater, Bar Harbor Congregational Church and Criterion Theatre

Cost: Most outdoor concerts are completely free.  However, tickets for the other events, the gala, operas, and dinner are very reasonably priced.  Special tickets are also on hand for students.  Prices include gratuities and taxes.

Details: Concerts for the Bar Harbor Music Festival range from string type orchestras to new and out there compositions.  Not only does the local Bar Harbor Congregational Church get in with a fine menu of choral wonders, but even Acadia National Park’s amphitheater offers an amazing cornucopia of musical flavors.  In fact, there is something for everyone and every musical taste.

The Bar Harbor Music Festival has been recognized across the United States as one that provides an outlet for new and up and coming talents – a broad range of composers, singers, and instrumentalists. Opening night starts at around 8 pm at the Bar Harbor Congregational Church.  Visitors can enjoy a brass ensemble and revel in the local architecture.

Each evening is followed with varied performances, starting at varied times and in varied locations.  Tea concerts, classical jamming sessions, piano wonders and more are on hand. 

The list of musical entertainment and musical styles at the Bar Harbor Music Festival is long.  However, the festival has gained a reputation that is hard to beat.  It is truly a must for any music lovers and most especially a fantastic stepping stone for musicians, composers, and singers of all levels, including newcomers with a taste for entertaining and talents that should not be ignored.

The events and programs are sponsored by the Maine Arts Commission and the Maine Humanities Council.

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Event Phone Number: (207) 288-5744

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