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Acadia Birding Festival

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May 28, 2020 - May 31, 2020

Maine is home to the diverse and interesting Acadia Birding Festival.  With an array of activities and adventures, the curiosity of amateur and expert bird lovers will definitely be satisfied.

  • Mount Desert Island is the main setting for the festival
  • Introducing everyone to the wonders of local birds such as terns, rosettes, razorbills and puffins

Overview: Introducing everyone to the wonders of local birds and breeding locations, visitors are entertained and educated about local birds such as terns, rosettes, razorbills and puffins on a catamaran ride around Petit Manan Island.  Varied sea type kayak tours during the festival help bird lovers explore the local estuaries and bays whilst seeing local birdlife.

Where: Mount Desert Island is the main setting for the festival.  Visitors enjoy not only stunning vistas and wild birds but a range of mystical backdrops and hospitality that are renowned in the area.

Cost: Most events and activities are completely free. Registration for these events and activities has to be done through the festival’s online form.

Details:  Birding adventures abound at Maine’s Acadia Birding Festival each year.  Set amidst the coastal shorelines of the nearby gulf, the festival offers bird walks, bird visits, bird observations, birding adventures and bird lectures that enlighten bird lovers of all levels to local birdlife and habitats in the area. 

The festival’s bird walks help bird lovers connect to varied Mount Desert Island bird habitats.  Guests enjoy what is known as the world’s warbler bird capital, with over one hundred and eighty species of them on hand to possibly view.  In fact, this major bird watching festival is Maine’s largest, with views of local bird habitats, including the nearby Cadillac Mountain, the Atlantic coastline, ponds, lakes, streams, fields, marshes, heaths, bogs, and forests.  Guests are taken from village to township, exploring varied locations to see mournings, black burnians, blues, warblers, grouse, woodpeckers, puffins, guillemots, eiders, woodcocks, snipes, grebes, bitterns, soras, chickadees, crossbills, sparrows and bobolinks.

The Acadia Birding Festival is very eco-friendly and environmentally focussed, insisting that visitors carpool as much as possible protect the birds’ habitats.  Events are kept as local as possible to avoid long travels between varied events.  Events are geared to the skill levels of each bird lover, ranging from the beginner bird watcher to highly advanced and sometimes expert bird naturalist.  In fact, each event is also broken into physical skill level as some events require more physical activity and energy than others.

The Acadia Birding Festival is designed to stimulate the imagination, bring people closer to nature and birds and help in the appreciation of the environment and the fragile eco-systems and habitats that the local birdlife lives in.

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Event Phone Number: (207) 233-3694

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