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A great way to see the spectacular sights of Acadia National Park is by motor bike, whether by yourself with friends or if you decide to take a motorcycle tour.

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  • Ride to the top of Cadillac Mountain.
  • Discover the most popular attractions in the park along the Park Loop Road.
  • Enjoy a less busy section of the park on the Schoodic Peninsula.

Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain is the tallest mountain on the eastern coast of the United States, at 1,530 feet. The peak is accessable by a winding paved 3.5 mile road with several scenic turn offs along the way to view the town of Bar Harbor, the Porcupine Islands and Frenchman Bay. The road is closed from December 1 through April 14 and whenever weather conditions (e.g., dense fog or ice) require.

Park Loop Road

The 27 mile Park Road is also a great route with its one way paved loop for views of the ocean, coastal forests, and mountain vistas. This loop road is open from April 15 through November 30, weather permitting with some portions remaining open all year. The park loop road can be busy and congested with cars and pedestrians as well as bicycles. Parking is in the left lane. Obey the rules of the road and when traveling in groups do so in single file.

Schoodic Peninsula

Part of Acadia National Park that is attached to the mainland and less crowded, the Schoodic Peninusla is perfect for motorcycle tours. There is no park fee to access the Schoodic Peninsula. Encompassing 2366 acres, it is the only portion of Acadia National Park on the mainland.


You can enjoy these routes on your own, or take an organized motorcycle tour. With a motorcycle tour, you have the benefit of someone who is familiar the best routes and times for travel.