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Boating is popular in Acadia National Park and surrounding communities for the spectacular views via ocean, lake and stream, and for great fishing opportunities. Common activities include sailing, motor boating, boat charters, tours and cruises, canoeing or sea kayaking.

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  • Activities include sailing, boat charters, tours and cruises, fishing, canoeing or sea kayaking. 
  • Mount Desert Island has numerous fresh water lakes and public marinas for ocean access. 
  • A list of boating regulations and limitations is available at any Park information center. 
  • Tours and rentals are available at many locations.

Mount Desert Island has numerous fresh water lakes and public marinas for ocean access where visitors can go boating, fishing, kayaking or canoeing. The park service provides a complete list of recommended fishing areas according to fish species for Mount Desert Island.

Saltwater Boating

Somes Sound and Frenchmans Bay offer a unique experience for ocean boating with unmatched spectacular views. As with any Northern climate ocean activity, the waters of Frenchmans bay rarely exceed 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If participating in adventure sports such as kayaking, please have appropriate gear equipment such as insulated suits to protect from hypothermia.

Public ramps can be found in Seal Cove and Tremont providing access to Blue Hill Bay. The Manset Town Landing also has a ramp. The town of Bar Harbor, though often congested, has an extra wide ramp accessible at high tide.

Freshwater Boating

Several ponds are part of the Mount Desert Island drinking water supply and have posted regulations concerning water usage. These usually restrict swimming, wading, or disallow pets in or near the water but allow boating and fishing activities. Many ponds have restrictions concerning motor boats based on Horsepower. A complete list is available at any Park information center.

Enjoy fresh water charters on Penobscot River or Grand Lake Stream. Kayaking and Canoeing are some of the most popular activities in the park. Find tours and rentals in a handful of locations.

Hire a Guide

For a guided ocean adventure, or if lacking your own boat, consider chartering a boat. Leave from Bar Harbor or the surrounding areas of Sedgwick, Blue hill, Stonington, Deer Isle and Isle au Hau.

The Charter ships that make Bar Harbor home port are part of the local culture. Search for whales or other ocean life on Whale watching cruises. Experience a taste of the fishing tradition on a chartered lobster boat. Go on sunset cruises. Educational cruises are available through the National Park Service. Or simply enjoy the serene sound of the wind in sails from a four masted schooner while cruising off Bar Harbor.

Other Boating Resources

The Castine Yacht Club

The Castine Yacht Club joins local yachting enthusiasts and organizes local events.