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Vinalhaven Maine is actually located nearly fifteen miles off the coast of Maine on an ocean island. The little community is the largest of the fourteen year-round island towns that are a part of the State of Maine. Because of its unique setting, tourism is a mainstay of the local community. Read More

The community of Vinalhaven, Maine is proud of the natural beauty of their location. In addition, they are proud of the multi-generational families that call this community home. The town has a volunteer fire department, emergency medical services and is filled with individuals that have musical and theatrical talent. Perhaps due to its location on an island, the townspeople are also proud of the fact that they tend to look out for each other.

As with many Maine coastal and island communities, Vinalhaven bases the majority of its economy on lobster fishing, but this is followed closely by tourism. However, there are also a diverse amount of other businesses on the island.

All of these factors to combine to make Vinalhaven an excellent choice to visit during a vacation. This area is a must see item to place on your list of places to travel.