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For a quaint and unique vacation, try traveling to Bailey Island, Maine. Bailey Island is an island in Casco Bay, and a part of the town of Harpswell, Maine. The year round population of the island is approximately 400. The smaller population allows the traveler to become part of the local atmosphere easily. Read More

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Bailey Island is the southernmost island on the Harpswell Peninsula in the State of Maine. It is known as "the" destination for great New England chowder and fresh lobster. The area is also the home of many Victorian-era cottages and historic buildings. An attraction not to be missed is the Cobwork Bridge, which joins Bailey Island to Orr Island and is now on the National Register of Historic Places. The bridge is amazing, because no cement was used in its construction.

The multitude of bays and coves along the peninsula provide safe haven for the many sailboats that frequent the area. Here, you can also enjoy hiking, bird watching or just relaxing on the beach. You can rent a sea kayak or a canoe and enjoy the sights from the ocean or take a commercial cruise around the Island.

Come to Bailey Island and enjoy all the natural beauty and friendly atmosphere of Midcoast Maine.