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Popham Beach Maine

Popham Beach bordering the south side of the Kennebec River is one of Maine's rare geologic landforms. The area has a long stretch of sandy beach, which is popular with everyone. This is a great place to vacation – to swim, surf, or just take a seaside stroll and collect seashells. Read More

Popham Beach covers 529 acres of spacious, natural sandy beach. The area also has bathhouses, freshwater rinse-off showers, and picnic areas complete with charcoal grills. The area also boasts of trails and wildlife watching. The rolling Atlantic surf is the attraction for thousands of visitors each year and lifeguards are on duty during the summer months.

Just two more miles to the south, the traveler will find Fort Popham – a great historic find. Popham's cultural and social history is still being uncovered. Excavations of the Popham settlement of 1607 and Fort George continue each summer.

Come to Popham Beach and enjoy the sandy beach or the small community known by the same name. Popham Beach, the community, is an excellent example of the genuine New England life.