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Somesville Bridge

The Somesville Bridge, one of the most photographed bridges in Maine, is located within the charming Village of Somesville on Mount Desert Island. The Somesville Bridge with its graceful arch transgressing the waters of Somes Creek frames nature's perfection, marking the seasons on many a calendar.

  • Located in Somesville, Maine, the oldest Settlement on Mount Desert Island
  • Considered the most Photographed Bridge in Maine
  • Meticulously maintained, though not officially historic, historical in its own right


Somesville is home to the oldest settlement on Mount Desert Island. The ducks that frequent the area of Somes creek enjoy its tranquil leisure. The bridge has captured the dreamers attention, possible because it appears pure with its crisp white paint or it makes people think of the prim and proper style of the surrounding village. It fits so well within the village that many believe it is historical. The Somesville Bridge is in actuality too young to be considered truelly historical, though it is evidence to the good taste and simple way of living of past residents.


The Somesville Bridge was an accomplishment of love on the part of Dr. Virginia Somes Sanderson in remembrance of her grandfather in 1982.

Photography & Perception

Images of the bridge have been captured in paintings and photographs by artists from around the world. The creek waters reflect the bridges image, as well as the surrounding beauty, captivating the hearts of all who visit. This may be because it reflects a time gone past, while still recognizing a promising future, and may very well earn its place on the historical registry in years to come. Whether a moment of solitude for self reflection, or hand and hand with that special somebody, in its middle is the found the sanctity of a unified connection, making the noisy road of life a bit easier.