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Maine Lobster Rolls

Ymmmm! Lobster rolls! It should be sufficient to say that the best place to get a great lobster roll is Maine. In addition, to make it even better, getting a lobster roll in Maine is not difficult – at least any place along the coast. Apparently, you can even get lobster rolls at some McDonald's. Read More

Once you try the lobster rolls in Maine, you will crave them – they can become additive. The lobster roll is comfort food for anyone who lives near the sea. This delectable concoction is fun to eat – just pick it up and eat it with your hands – and make sure to catch any errant chunks of lobster that try to escape. There is no refined way to eat a lobster roll.

Some say that to get a really good lobster roll, you need to start with the bun. An oblong bun much like a hot dog bun should be buttered and then grilled – perfectly toasted. It is best if it is crispy on the outside, but just warm and soft on the inside – not too greasy. Also key, is not to cut the rolls all the way through, but to slice it only partway, making a pocket for the lobster mix.

Make sure that the lobster meat that you intend to use is fresh. Mix the fresh, cooked and then chilled, lobster meat with some mayonnaise, chopped celery and salt to taste. Spoon the lobster mixture onto the bun and enjoy.

While in Bar Harbor, Maine or anywhere along the Downeast Coast of Maine, enjoy some lobster rolls.