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How to Eat Maine Lobsters

Most individuals have eaten a lobster tail, but eating a whole lobster definitely takes a little more finesse. Don't be intimidated by trying to eat a Maine Lobster. From the first crack of the shell to the last bite, the effort it takes to eat it will be well worth it. Don't forget your bib, because it can be a little messy! Read More

Unlike most other meals, eating a Maine lobster requires some special tools. You will need a bib, plenty of handy wipes, a nutcracker, and a small fork or seafood fork. Once you have rounded up your hardware, you will be ready to begin.

1. Break off the legs and check for small morsels of delicious meat inside them.
2. Take off the claws and check each portion of them for eatable morsels.
3. Using the nutcracker, break off the tip of the largest section of the claw that should reveal a great deal of meat.
4. Do NOT eat any of the mouthparts, the antennae or the beak.
5. Separate the tail portion from the back portion.
6. Use your fingers to push the tail meat out of its shell.
7. Remove the digestive tract from the tail meat prior to eating it.

If you have any questions about how to properly eat a Maine lobster, don't hesitate to confer with some of the locals. They will appreciate the opportunity to share their knowledge with you.