Acadia National Park - Short Hikes in Acadia


Short Hikes in Acadia

Take in the sights of Acadia from the trail on some of the park’s best short hikes.

A true hiker's paradise, Acadia National Park has many miles of trails for all levels and interests. When you have only a short time to see the sights of Acadia, you can take small hikes to incredible points within the park so you can experience all you can in the time you have allotted.

With the rugged shoreline and the deep wilderness areas of Acadia, there is much to see, and you can amble easily or take a bit more strenuous hike through various types of terrain depending on the hike you choose.

Acadia Mountain Trail

This is one of the most popular trails in Acadia, and provides some amazing views. Check out Somes Sound (the only fjord in the east) and the ocean from your comfortable vantage point. It's right near Echo Lake, so you can also take a break and get in some swimming to cool off. You'll love the hardwood forest, the blueberry bushes and scrub oak along with the summer aromas in the air.

Start your hike across the road from Acadia Mountain parking lot, the east side of Route 102. It's about a three-mile hike with switchbacks making it a fairly easy route. If like me, you enjoy somewhat longer hikes, you can extend this one by another 2 miles. Before you reach the junction of Man-of-War Brook and Acadia Mountain Trail, take the Valley Cove Trail and the Flying Mountain Trail.

Bear Brook Trail

For excellent views and scenery that seems to come from a fairy tale, take Bear Brook Trail. It's a strenuous hike but well worth it. Champlain Mountain can be broached all year round on this trail. Would you love seeing the Porcupine Islands and Frenchman Bay shrouded in fog from your distant perch? This is the trail to take.

Bear Brook Trail is a little over 2 miles of moderate hiking. It starts about 400 feet beyond Beaver Dam at the Bear Brook parking area. It's best to take this hike from May to October for the most ideal weather.

Eagle Lake Trail

When visiting Acadia, you must make it a point to get to Eagle Lake. This is the largest lake in the park, and has some great fishing, too. The best hike around the entire lake can be done in a fairly short amount of time, and provides you with the gorgeous vistas of water and mountains. You can walk the carriage road around the lake or take Bubble Pond trailhead that wraps around the lake.

You can start this four-mile hike from Bubble Pond trailhead near Eagle Lake or just access the carriage road by the edge of the lake. You get to Eagle Lake from the north end of the lake off Route 233.

Flying Mountain Trail

I love the views you can get from Flying Mountain, because even though it is one of the lowest peaks in the park, it really is impressive. Flying Mountain Trail is one of scenic beauty, as you move through the spruce trees and over rockslides.

You gain access to the trail on the east side of the parking area of Fernald Cove. It's about 3 miles of great hiking!

Great Pond Trail

Watch the gulls soar over Long Pond as you take a wonderful walk on the Great Pond Trail. If you thrill to passing through birch forest and sitting to catch your breath on large flat rocks, this is the trail for you.

Begin your excursion at the pumping station at the foot of Great Pond. Follow it as it winds to meet Western Trail and a complex of other trails. You can then complete the circuit back to where you started. Length of the hike is a little less than 6 miles of easy hiking.

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