Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festival


Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festival

The Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festival is held annually at the Bar Harbor Inn, right in the center of the town.  Situated along the waterfront, Newport Drive becomes a pedestrian walkway that is lined with artistic wonders of all sorts, local and international.   Read More

  • It is an event that draws in thousands of visitors annually.
  • Takes place over two weekends in August and September.
  • Bar Harbor Inn, right in the center of the town is home to the festival.

Overview: For the taste of fine arts, the Bar Harbor town’s Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festival in the eastern part of Maine is a major event that attracts many tourists each year.  It is an event that draws in thousands of visitors annually.

Where: The festival takes place along the coastal waterfront of Newport Drive, hosted by the Bar Harbor Inn,

When: This year the event takes place over two weekends: August 11-13 and September 8-10, 2017.

Cost: Free access to the festival. Prices for art vary by vendor.

Details: Many local hotels and motels offer special tourist art holidays during the festival, attracting not just visitors, but artists from across the globe.  Though the festival runs on a weekend in mid August, visitors and locals can watch as the artists, sponsors and vendors set up the day before. 

Artists compete early in the year for inclusion into the Bar Harbor Arts Festival.  Artwork is displayed and sold, but no digitally outputted, reproduced, buy-sell or mold-type made art is allowed.  Works include 2D/3D art, framed artwork, jewelry and so much more.  Visitors can enjoy, appreciate and even purchase hand-pulled type prints, hand drawn/collage/mosaic/glass/pastel works.  Watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil and watercolor paintings are abundant.  Top class photos are also amongst the collections.  In fact, all the pieces are completely unique and one of a kind.

The artwork is tastefully displayed for visitors in varied booths.  Each booth represents a different artist and visitors can chat with the artisans and learn about their inspirations, as well as discovering new and up and coming talents.

The Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festival is easy to get to and is completely free.  Access is available via Main Street, which is closed at the Newport Drive end, leading to the waterfront.  The festival is within walking distance of most major hotels and motels, and for those traveling from further afield, parking is available in town, but due to the popularity of the festival, limited at best.  Visitors are recommended to start off early to ensure available parking.

Food is not served at the festival, but there are nearby restaurants and cafes open for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  Many town art galleries also have special displays during this time and are worth stopping in to see in addition to the festival.

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